Relaxing on the Eiseman Hut deck.
Relaxing on the Eiseman Hut deck. © Craig Hoffman

*** Attention Hut Users ***

We understand that your expectations of the hut experience have likely changed given the COVID-19 situation and we have made changes to improve the experience. Please see our COVID-19 Information Page for a full explanation of what you can expect to find at the huts and what is expected of you. Significant changes include:

  1. Hut reservations for Winter 2020-2021 and Summer 2021 are single-party only, there are new minimum booking requirements, and capacities at most huts that used to sleep more than 12 guests have been reduced.
  2. Arrival time is now 2pm, and please depart by 11am.
  3. Discrete sleeping areas can be shared only by household members. Each hut typically has multiple discrete sleeping areas.
  4. Hut visitors are required to follow protocols on social distancing, use of face masks, handwashing, and cleaning/disinfecting the hut. 10th Mountain unequivocally supports these protocols.