Volunteer Work Dates & Information

10th Mountain Huts - 2020 Volunteer Dates

It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation our normal volunteer sessions this summer. We appreciate the increased interest in volunteering this summer, as well as our long-time volunteers who were excited to come back and help again; we couldn't do it without all of you. But in order to keep our volunteers and our staff safe and healthy, we will not be able to host any volunteer sessions this summer. We appreciate all your hard work and hope you will join us next summer in the high country.

Note to hut users interested in volunteering: Each year, 10th Mountain has a few returning volunteer groups that are assigned an entire volunteer period before we open up dates to the public. In the past, these groups have included a 10th Mountain Division veterans group and various youth groups. We appreciate the support and dedication of all volunteers, and regret any inconvenience caused by this lack of availability. If you wish to volunteer, but the scheduled volunteer periods don't fit your schedule, there are additional volunteer opportunities available to either individuals or groups. Please contact 10th Mountain to be put on our list of "Other Interested Volunteers." We often need volunteers for special projects and welcome your assistance.

safety first

Work includes: processing 8 cords of wood (chain-sawing, splitting and stacking), painting, refurbishing stoves, cleaning, re-vegetation, trail work, etc.

You will need to bring a pair of work gloves, a sleeping bag if you are staying overnight, and meals for the length of your stay. 10th Mountain provides light snacks and soft drinks. After work, roughly 4-5pm, we generally go for hikes or enjoy a post work mountain bike ride, so bring your bike if you like riding. As on regular hut trips, dogs are not permitted.

staining and sealing tables

We encourage as many people as possible to hike or bike up to the huts for the work weekends. If you do drive, a high clearance, four wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended. Jackal, 10th Mountain and the Benedict huts have very steep, rocky, extreme four wheel drive roads. The roads to Uncle Bud's, Fowler-Hilliard, Skinner, Benedict and Betty Bear are bumpy, steep in places, wash-boarded, and may require four wheel drive . Gates, Estin, and Eiseman huts can usually be reached without a four wheel drive vehicle, unless the roads are wet, in which case the roads can be extremely slippery and four wheel drive and chains may be required.

Volunteers are welcome to work for as many or as few days as they like. For each day worked, 10th Mountain will reward each volunteer with a free hut night (valid for 1 year). We ask you to use these free nights Sunday through Thursday.

Please sign up only if you are committed to working. Our volunteer coordinators will contact you a few days before the weekend you have signed up for, to get an idea about when you will be arriving and to answer any last minute questions.

Again, if you are interested in working but the above dates don't work for you or are already filled, please ask to be put on our list of "Other Interested Volunteers." We often need volunteers for special projects and welcome your assistance.

Summit Hut Association (SHA)

Work will include stacking wood and cleaning the hut to get ready for the upcoming winter season. Please bring: Water, lunch, work clothes and gloves, rain jacket, sunscreen, insect repellent, and personal items if you plan on staying the night. You will be on your own for dinner. Each person who volunteers will earn a free night in the Hutmasters Quarters at a Summit Huts Hut. (Janet's Cabin, Francie's Cabin or Section House). For more information or to sign up please contact Summit Huts at their email address or 970-453-8583.