Hut Rates, Dates of Operation and Capacities


Most huts are booked on a per-person basis, with the exception of Fabi's Hut, Ken's Cabin, The Seipel Hut( formerly Carl's Cabin), Chuck's Upstairs, Walter's Upstairs, and the Braun Huts, which are only booked for one group at a time. All prices shown are per night prices. Tax varies depending on what county a hut is located in and is not included in the prices listed on this site. The appropriate tax will be applied at the time you make your reservation. Prices shown are for individuals 13 years of age or older. Children 12 years of age or younger at the time of the trip are eligible for a 1/2 price rate (except at the Continental Divide Cabin, the Point Breeze Cabin, the Sisters Cabin and the Braun Huts). Please indicate the number of children when you make your reservation - refunds for this children's discount are not available after the reservation has been made. A space must be reserved for all children going on a trip, regardless of age, even if they are infants and will be sharing a bed with an adult.

** Hut reservations for the summer of 2020 are single-party only. For larger-capacity huts, costs have been reduced in order to provide a financial incentive to have fewer people at the hut. Please see below for specific hut information. **

hut interior
Typical Hut Interior

Huts Owned by 10th Mountain:

Fritz Benedict Hut and Fabi Benedict Hut, McNamara, Margy's, Harry Gates, Peter Estin, Fowler/Hilliard*, Jackal*, Sangree M. Froelicher, 10th Mountain, Uncle Bud's, Skinner, Betty Bear, and Eiseman huts:

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